The Evolution of the Internet: From HTTP to Responsive Web Design



As I reflect back on my first experience with the Internet, I remember it only being something that I could access from a computer. I would wait for long periods of time just for my computer to load one page, and I would not be able to do much with it. All of the websites that I used were very basic and not aesthetically pleasing. However, as the Internet and computers improved, I began to use the web more and more. I started out with AOL, and then I upgraded to MySpace and so on. The more I used the Internet, the more I truly became addicted to it! This addiction, as any person could guess, continued to progress after the invention of cell phones.

Just like every other millennial, my first phone was a flimsy flip phone. I used it for anything and everything; anything and everything but the Internet of course. I remember scrambling to cancel out the Internet on my flip phone when I accidentally clicked on it. I was mortified that it would cost my parents an absurd amount of money! Times have certainly changed drastically, and now just about every human who owns a cell phone uses the Internet on it. Accessing Internet on a computer is still common, however, it is not as utilized as it is on a mobile device. In my opinion, I would say that the use of the web on a mobile device is a lot more prevalent than a computer in today’s society.

With that being said, almost every website has had to conform to this change in order to successfully continue running their website. Having a mobile device is truly like having a mini computer glued to your hand. The majority of websites on the Internet today are the same on any device. Whether it is logging into Facebook or reading a blog, I would say that 99% of the content I access on the Internet is the same on my computer and my phone. I find this extremely interesting and exciting that regardless of what platform is being used, humans have the technological power to give the same effect of their web content. Whenever I (rarely) come across a website that does not have a responsive web design, I will most likely leave the website within the first few seconds. It becomes frustrating and annoying when it is slow of if the content looks odd. In conclusion, I would say that responsive web design is extremely vital for all websites, and it will continue to be important as technology flourishes.


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