One Company, Three Stores, and Great Content Marketing


URBN is a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, and more. The company defines themselves as passionate and creative, and aim to create a unique shopping experience, “while inspiring and connecting with our customers.” The brands that the company owns have a strong expertise in content marketing, and they know exactly who to target while doing so.

The three brands all run blogs that are interconnected with their website, and the content on the blogs is evidently aimed towards a specific target audience.


The target audience for Urban Outfitters are both male and female, both in the high school to college age range. It is described as, “The mission was to provide second-hand clothing, furniture, jewelry and home décor for college-aged customers in a casual fun environment.” Urban Outfitter’s blog is filled with content of music, photography, and interviews of the younger demographic. It stays up with the newest trends, and it focuses more on reading content rather than how to and active content. With that being said, Urban Outfitters does that in order to connect with their younger target audience.


The target audience for Free People are females, typically in the age range of early to mid-twenties. Free People details their customer as, “She is intelligent, creative, confident. She pushes the limits. She is a strong spirit, guided by the beat of her own drum. As feminine as she is cool. There is not another one like her.” Free People’s blog contains more content of fashion, beauty, and fitness. It is the middle ground for both Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, because it still contains content about music, however, it begins to introduce food and interior design. Free People customers and readers of the blog are just now graduating college and are starting off in the “real world.” The blog does a great job at connecting with that demographic by still producing attainable content for that age range.


The target audience for Anthropologie are also females, ranging from late twenties and beyond. Stated on their website, “Our customer is a creative-minded woman, who wants to look like herself, not the masses. She has a sense of adventure about what she wears, and although fashion is important to her, she is too busy enjoying life to be governed by the latest trends. To her, Anthropologie is a portal of discovery—a brush with what could be. A place for her to lose—and find—herself.” Anthropologie’s blog is filled with content about cooking, style (both fashion and interior design), and travel. The blog definitely connects with the older audience because this age range not only finds an interest in this specific content, but they can afford all of it.


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