Digital Advertising Made Easy: Thank you, Instagram


Digital Advertising has been taking over the entire advertising realm thanks to social media. Instagram in particular has been extremely popular and successful with enabling people and companies to advertise their product or service. However, the new era of digital advertising has not been graphics, it has been people. Prestige users of Instagram have incorporated their creativity with digital advertising, and it has been a true game changer.

Many companies and people have been reaching out to Instagram users that have a large following in order to advertise themselves. Although the Instagram users are being sponsored by the company, the digital advertising that is being compensated is very successful for the brand. This form of digital advertising is more personable and appealing to consumers, and it is creates a connection between the company and its consumers through the sponsor. Here is one of my favorite digital advertising examples from one of my favorite bloggers!


Remi Ishizuka is a brand ambassador for Addidas, and she fits the part perfectly. Remi is an avid blogger and has over 118,000 Instagram followers, and she is consistently interacting with as many as she can. She exemplifies exactly what Addidas stands for, which is a strong, influential, and active woman. Remi promotes the brand by attending Addidas events and posting about them on her Instagram feed and Instagram stories. In addition to that, she posts a lot of information and promotions for Addidas. Whether it is shoes or apparel, she advertises it in a creative and efficient way.

I really enjoy the advertisement posts from Remi about Addidas because she is one of my social media and blogging role models. It is evident that I am not the only person who feels this way due to her high amount of followers. Remi’s followers that enjoy her content will be more inclined to buy Addidas products just because of how she wears it and promotes it. With that being said, this type of digital advertising is more efficient than any sort of graphic or flyer will ever be.


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