Marketing with SEO: How The Blonde Abroad Continues Her Success



When it comes to search engine optimization, I have learned a lot about how it correlates with marketing your website and/or product. I think that this component of marketing is extremely important, because the vast majority of society today just “googles” whatever they are looking for. With that being said, it is salient that a website has the correct key words, photos, and content in order to show up first on a search.

I tried several searching techniques for one of my favorite bloggers, who I have previously mentioned in other blog posts, The Blonde Abroad. In addition to her amazing blog and content, she does a great job of enabling her blog to be found through a variety of searches. I tested out several searches in order to prove how well she does with marketing her blog.

First, I searched “travel blog,” and I found that she was on the second page of the search. Although it was the second page, considering all of the travel blogs out there, I would consider that pretty successful. Subsequently after I clicked on the search link, it took me to the main page of her blog, where all of her information was. My second search entailed “solo female travel,” and The Blonde Abroad was the third link that was acccesible to me. When I clicked on that particular link, it gave me one of her blog posts about female traveling. This post was titled, “The 10,Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travels.” I think that this is a great article to connect with the direct search of solo female travel, because as a female who travels alone, safety is extremely important to me.

If it was not already made clear, I think Kiersten Rich, the creator of The Blonde Abroad, is killing it with her blog. Her search engine optimization results and her landing pages are just another great example as to why I follow along with her blog.


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