Mobile Marketing: Why Instagram is Better Than Facebook


On an every day basis, I go back and forth from scrolling on Instagram and Facebook. Both are very popular and successful social mediums, however, when it comes to mobile marketing, Instagram takes the cake.

Less than a year ago, Instagram began offering a new advertising tactic that has been very helpful and successful for people and companies trying to market themselves. The company refers to it as a seamless experience, and they live up to that expectation.

darkpagepostads1-600x240.pngAlthough Instagram and Facebook may be owned by the same person, Instagram is significantly better when it comes to marketing and advertising for companies and people. On Facebook, advertisements stand out, but not in a good way. Some advertisements do not even stand out at all, because they are hidden on the side of the screen. They often look quirky and out of place, thus causing people to ignore them.


However, with Instagram, the advertisements truly blend in with the feed. This tactic has been very successful because people are more inclined to look at the picture or video. A lot of times, Instagram users do not even realize that it is an advertisement because it blends so well into the feed. On Instagram’s website, they made it so simple to create an advertisement. They offer three types of advertisements: photo, video, and carousel (photo slideshow). They express that awareness, consideration, and conversion are what the key successors that they can offer, and it is exactly what they give. To add to the easy and seamless experience, they even offer assistance with finding advertisement companies and content creators.

All in all, I truly believe that in today’s society, Instagram is the best social media account for marketing and advertising (for the majority of demographics). Not only is it aesthetically pleasing on every person’s feed, it is simple and effective.


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