Email Marketing: Successful or Annyoing?


Email marketing seems to be more of an annoyance rather than a success amongst our current society. The majority of the time, people usually delete the marketing emails right away without even reading through them. I would consider it more as “spam” marketing rather than email marketing.

Receiving a multitude of emails from different people and brands is not exactly my favorite thing in the world. To be quite honest, I particularly do not like it and I try to keep the amount of brands I subscribe to at an absolute minimum. In my opinion, email marketing is not my ideal way to receive information and advertisements from people and products. A plethora of unnecessary emails are consistently plaguing people’s mailboxes. In addition to the annoyance of the entirety of the email, reading and navigating it is not exactly easy either. There often many distortions of images and links across the marketing email, and it makes it less appealing.

With that being said, I think that in order to make email marketing more successful, a different layout should be utilized, and they should only be sent when incentives are included. Coupons, discounts, and sales are predominantly what people look for in marketing emails. Otherwise, they are most likely overlooked, ignored, and deleted. The only time that I thoroughly read through a marketing email is when there is some sort of reward or benefit included. In addition to that, if the marketing email is aesthetically pleasing, I will be more attracted to it. I am also more inclined to read through it when the layout is simple and easy to navigate. By using relevant graphics, clickable links, and downloadable coupons and discounts, I think the form would be much more beneficial. Overall, I think that email marketing could be successful, but for now it is just deemed as a vexation to me.



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