My Favorite Types of Marketing Automation


Marketing automation has become a very interesting concept to me. Although it is somewhat similar to email marketing, I think that it is more successful in a plethora of ways. I believe that it is more personalized and tailored to the interests of the consumer, which in turn, leads to higher success rates.

Although a tad bit contradictory to one of my previous blog posts on email marketing, I do enjoy some marketing automation emails.

Fashion promotions. If I am being honest, I have a slight obsession with all sorts of fashion. I shamefully spend hours on a clothing website swooning over items of clothing, add them to my cart, and then do not buy them. However, whenever I get an email from one of my favorite clothing stores how I “left some items in my cart,” I consider it the go-ahead for buying those clothes. It is basically a win-win situation for both the company and me!

Music event reminders. Another one of the (many) guilty pleasures that I have are attending concerts. I have always grown up being an avid music listener and lover, therefore I want to experience the music that I love live. I have a few bands in particular that I will always see in concert, no matter what the cost is. For example, The Lumineers have recently began a tour and I received an email making me aware of their concert dates near me. As expected, I was completely ecstatic and bought tickets! The best part is, without that email, I never would have been able to purchase them VIP.

Blogger announcements. If you could not already tell, I love blogging and I love bloggers. There are a few bloggers that I consistently keep up with and habitually read. Whenever I get an email notification that one of them has posted a new blog post, I instantly read it! This enables me to keep up with the sequence of blog posts that the person may have.

All in all, I would say that marketing automation has been very successful on my behalf. I think that the concept of it is very interesting, and I did not realize all that was put into it and how it impacts me until recently. With that being said, I think that any and all companies should use this form of marketing as a part of their campaigns.


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