Analytics and Measurement: Proof That I Am a Nerd

analytics-ss-1920.jpgI am going to be honest, my inner nerd comes out whenever I talk about or research analytics. I find it is so interesting and helpful, and I love how it allows you to see where your successes are.

Some people say that curiosity killed the cat… but not in this case. Curiosity satisfies the business goals! It is great to be able to know what is working for you and your company, rather than just making an assumption. Analytics is very informative because it gives you an exact collection of data. Thus, it makes it much more simple for a person or company to figure out where they should be utilizing their money the most. Decisions are a lot easier to make when there is concrete data and numbers to support it. You can not argue with facts! Analytics make the person or company owner in control.

Recently, I have discovered what heat maps on websites are, and it is so appealing to me. I love how it tells you what the most popular components of a website are. With that being said, you know how much effort you should be putting into that specific page. To tie it into my attempt to start my own blog, I can easily have access to what viewers find the most interesting and what they want to see the most of.

In addition to heat maps on a blog, analytics can be somewhat flattering sometimes as well. Let’s be honest, I do not know anyone who does not enjoy feeling good about themselves. When it comes to social media, the social media company typically shows you the amount of impressions and engagement that your post has. Similar to being able to figure out what is most popular with heat maps on blogs, you can do that with social media as well. It is evident that the more likes, impressions, and engagements that a post has, the more that your audience wants to see of that type of content. With that being said, it is very helpful in all aspects to contribute to your success as a person and company.




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